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Prom Trash 666

May 2002

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:: Princess Disgrace

:: Vying for the Prom Trash title

:: Princess Disgrace and Carrie

The azaleas are pink...
The grass is green...
And I'm sneezing!
You know what that means...
Time for:

"Prom Trash 666"

The Dumpsta Players celebrate their 5th Anniversary by presenting their annual stag, drag, come-as-you-were/are/is
"Prom Trash 666"!

It's revenge of the dreadful prom. So join in the ffffun! We invite all to put on a prom dress, don a tux and compete with the gender bending drag kings, queens, straight up females and males, faghags, pretty princesses and assorted other freaks!

Princess Disgrace is flying in from Monaco as hostess for the evening, and I'm sure her bratty, troublemaker daughter, Princess Stephanie, isn't far behind.

Special performances by Sister Sludge and many, many others!

But beware... not all former prom queens are happy ones... Someone is lurking in the halls of the all-purpose room -- and she's not happy...

No one is safe at --

"Prom Trash 666"

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