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Prom Trash: Just Say No!

May 2004

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Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who's the trashiest Prom Queen of all?!??

That's right, folks! Time again to pick America's trashiest Prom Queen.

The Dumpsta Players celebrate their 7th Anniversary by presenting their annual stag, drag, come-as-you-were/are/is "Prom Trash: Just Say No!" crowning the trashiest Prom Queen!

It's revenge of the dreadful prom. So join in the ffffun! We invite all to put on a prom dress, don a tux and compete with the gender bending drag kings, queens, straight up females and males, faghags, pretty princesses and assorted other freaks!

Lurlayne, former Prom Trash Queen 2002, is thrilled to be hosting this year's prom and is hitching a ride from Fayetteville, NC, as we speak and Trashy Godlike, Miss Prom Trash 2003, will be defending her title against others including infamous teen freak Cornholio!

Also joining us are naughty student/teacher lovers, Angel Adams and Mr. Proctor, guidance counselor Nona Motions, toliet-trained diva Toxica Shock and legendary 80's metal dude Dee Snider of Twisted Sister!

But something is definitely amiss at The Prom this year. It seems that uppity Health/German teacher Miss Dripuss has launched her Family Values campaign and wants to enforce her rules of decency upon The Prom -- ha!

Can anyone stop her?
Will you say yes to another excess?
Come enjoy the exciting conclusion to --

"Prom Trash: Just Say No!"

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