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The Many Loves of Mrs. Miller

February 2005

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Mrs. Miller returns!
No gloryhole is safe!
With Petula Clark and Merv Griffin!

The Dumpsta Players are back in the first official show of the new year for some mischief and mayhem with the ubiquitous legend, Mrs. Miller! Enter the time warp with us as we follow our heroine from the backseat to the Strawbridge's bathrooms - on her knees and eager to please!

But what's this... are Mrs. Miller's glory(hole) days behind her? If Mervyna has her way, the bathhouses might just be safe, with Mrs. Miller off the streets and in a nursing home! Will Mervyna and her conspiring partner Karen Kuntstinker prevail? Or does Mrs. Miller have more sexcapades in her future?

Join us this Valentine's holiday for a love story that is sure to knock your panties off!

With special guests Merv Griffin, Charles Nelson Reilly and Petula Clark!

Come reminisce about...

"The Many Loves of Mrs. Miller"!

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