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Missionary Positions

April 2003

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:: Shirley Temple and Tammy

:: Satana seduces Tammy

:: Cunty and Tammy

Tammy Gaye Faker, estranged former mascara smeared TV evangelist wife, was last seen fending for herself as facilitator for The Insight Encounter Group. But times have been tough on Tammy and now she finds herself holed up in The Sisters of Perpetual Purgatory Sanitarium run by Sister Mary Drumstick. And who's that in lock down with Tammy? It's supa trash heroine and defender of skanks, Cunty Skankatore! With the help of Dr. Ruth, Tammy comes to explore and contemplate her existence, her faith in God, lust, and loose livin'. But what are those delusions she's having about dueling good and evil Shirley Temples? Don't miss the exciting conclusion where she battles Satana!!

Clear your calendar
Say a rosary
Pitch the revival tent
And get into your --

"Missionary Positions"!

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