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Miracle on the 13th Street

December 2003

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:: Juicy and Gladys

:: Shay Dee and Mama

It's Christmas time in the Gayborhood, but not all is gay. Tabloid gossip columnist turned real estate tycoon Gladys Crotchshott has been buying up 13th Street; her diabolical plan to re-develop the street with upscale boutiques and retail coffee chains for her metrosexual clientele.

Meanwhile, out gay rapper Shay Dee Nook, has turned traitor. With his career in shambles and unable to pay his rent, Shay Dee agrees to perform at the opening of a trendy new nightclub, his agent Juicy Weinstein having remade him into a contemporary boy pop singing sensation named Sunny Meadows complete with a Queer Eye make-over from famous TV label queen, Shannon McPuke.

Only former rival Miss Tony and the minions of 13th Street trash can bring Shay Dee back to his old self...but will Miss Tony confess her hidden feelings for Shay Dee? Will Shay Dee's Mama Nook save him from this plight? Who can save the day in this grim situation? Hope, pray, dream and meditate for a --

"Miracle on 13th Street"!

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