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Kreepy Kaleidoscope

October 2002

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:: Little Italian Immigrant Girl

:: Eyes without a Face

:: The Metro

Do you remember Halloween as a child? Ghouls and werewolves were nothing compared to the folks who poisoned your candy, put razors into apples and drove those big gray vans -- always hoping to find some poor kid all alone so they could take them away forever. The boogyman under your bed was scary but not as scary as that evil old man who lived all alone in that big house on the hill -- no one ever knew where he was lurking. The monsters in your closet could terrorize your dreams but not half as bad as the schoolyard bully.

Come join The Dumpsta Players as we explore the pressure and anxiety that can drive a person to do all sorts of scary things. Watch a frat boy get sucked into "The Tube", an angry doll pronounce her independence, a psycho traverse the metro and much, much more! Come take a peek through the...

"Kreepy Kaleidoscope"

-- who needs ghosts and goblins when real life is scary enuff!

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