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Dumpsta Horror Picture Show

September 2005

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:: The end is near

"Do you want to know a secret?"

This is how gossip grows from its seed. Sometimes that seed is harmless, and other times... well, let's just say that some seeds are best buried in the ground. Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can build an evil empire.

Tonight, enter that empire as we meet Siouxsie as she embarks on an adventure into the realm of the bizarre, where urban legends are made and twisted into a neverending string of terror. Tales of crocodiles in the sewers and mysterious missing kidneys are quickly spread in today's technological age. Watch as Siouxsie's friends prey upon her fears to a soundtrack ranging from Broadway to Rob Zombie and Norwegian Glam. But while she gets terrorized by the songs which caused even you to have to turn on the light late at night, our heroine has something up her sleeve... Payback is a bitch! You'll meet a host of characters from your favorite urban legends come to life as the Dumpsta Players present..

The Dumpsta Horror Picture Show

Only pop music can save them now...

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:: Mikey likes it...
:: ... But not with pop rocks and cola!