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Gay-Tell Hot as Hell Revue

June 2004

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:: Sex Dwarf

:: Kermit

The Dumpsta Hott Homos and Faggirls are stepping up to the June Pride plate with our own smashing tribute to all that is queer!

The Dumpsta Players have gathered together some of their gayest, tackiest, loudest and trashiest characters for a show unseen in these parts featuring: the psycho-girl from "The Metro", Laura Branigan, Isaac from "Children of The Corn", and the queer and the quirky, Warm Leatherette Guy. Also, returning once again for some hott summer sizzle, The Sex Dwarf! And what could be gayer than Miss Piggy and Kermit!?!

Come gawk as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" has new meaning! See nearly nude Wild Boyz go-go for you you! And don't miss our faboo conclusion with the infamous Spillage Girls -- our own special drag-infused-gender-fucked combination of The Village People and The Spice Girls!

Come see what our Fabv5 is all about in the --

"Gay-Tell Hot as Hell Revue"!

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