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Chardonna RE-ATTACKS!

February 2003

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:: Chardonna

:: Lisa Jones

:: Three's Company

Welcome to suburbia! Land of white picket fences, pre-fab "homestyle" apple pie and plastic lawn gnomes -- so perfect. That is, until an American home is disrupted by the dark side... something wicked is loose in the countryside.

Yes, folks, the body count is on the rise again, which can mean only one thing... Chardonna Jenkins has returned! Now that she's killed off an entire cheerleading squad, she is back to teach more lessons the only way she knows how -- with bloodshed!

Lisa Jones, famed singing show-off of "Hal Talbert's Showcase", is back as well, now a news reporter hellbent on a good story for good ratings. And Holy Hijinx! It's the gang from "Three's Company"! Jack and Chrissy horndog after each other. Janet has gained a little weight from eating too many Girl Scout cookies.

Will they be safe from Chardonna's vengeance? And will Chardonna get away with her mischief again -- or will she be nabbed by a fierce cop, Officer Manley, hot on her ghetto trail?

Don't miss the exciting return of Chardonna Jenkins in this suspenseful and hilarious romp of madness! After watching this show, you may just need witness protection! Come out this month to watch as...

"Chardonna RE-ATTACKS!"

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