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Slavid is one of the newest members of DJ K-Tell and the Dumpsta Players making his drag debut in the "Revenges of the Koffee Klatch 7" post show as his character Slavida dancing to Dirty Sanchez's "Asymmetric". Since he has appeared in "Tiny Coletta's Ideal Fashions Fiasco" as a Cameltoe Girl, and then competed in "Prom Trash: Just Say No" performing as Ivonna Spankhü, losing to the ever so provocative, Trashy Godlike.

Starting in July 2004 for "Kuntzmann Episode II: Terror Has Two Faces" Slavid began doing all the sound editing for each Dumpsta Players show. Since then, the audio for each show has been digitally mixed and mastered in order to tailor each song for its respective scene. He also provided sound equipment for the float in the Gay Pride Parade in summer of 2004.

Slavid has performed with the Dumpstas during Outfest marking his first solo drag debut on stage at the corner of 13th and Locust. Only a few weeks later he performed solo again as the Evil Love Goddess in "Kreepy Kaleidoscope II". In 2005 you could have seen Slavid as a Leather Man in "The Many Loves of Mrs. Miller", or Madonna in "Stinkin' 90s." In May, Slavid returned the annual Prom Trash competition to take on Trashy Godlike in a fight for the title of Trashiest Prom Queen. This year he came back as Amanda Playwythe and showed everyone how it's done. Amanda Playwythe was crowned Miss "Prom Trash '86!"

Slavid's Complete Dumpstography

Cameltoe Girl - March 2004: Tiny Coletta's Ideal Fashions Fiasco
Ivonna Spankhü - Prom Trash: Just Say No
Wild/Navy Boy - June 2004: Gay-Tell Hot as Hell Revue
Wild Dancer - July 2004: Kuntzmann Episode II: Terror Has Two Faces
Eartha Kunt - September 2004: Officer Manley's Cops
Evil Love Goddess - October 2004: Kreepy Kaleidoscope II
Audio Only - November 2004: Krispy Smacks Broadway Revue
Audio Only - December 2004: Death Under the Mistletoe
Leather Man - February 2005: The Many Loves of Mrs. Miller
Madonna - March 2005: Stinkin' 90s
Amanda Playwhythe, Miss Prom Trash 2005 - May 2005: PROMTRASH '86
Jackie Beat - July 2005: Pari$$$ is Burning
Zombie Queen - September 2005: Dumpsta Horror Picture Show
Israeli cheerleader and backup dancer - October 2005: OCTOBERFIST IV
Minnie Riperton - November 2005: Sucky 70's
Amanda Playwhythe - December 2005: Tiny Coletta's Hefty Holidays
Avalon - February 2006: Officer Manley II: Valentine's Violation
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