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John Donges
Founding Member, Executive Board Member

Birthday: Sept ‘71

Before K-Tell, I couldn’t even speak in front of a group of Sunday school children without getting the jitters and throwing up. Now I can sing, dance, wear wigs, and even strip off my clothes in front of total strangers!

K-Tell is my monthly fix. There’s this incredible energy before the show - everyone’s talking, getting into costume, gathering props; wigs and makeup are everywhere. Invariably, just before show time, I can never remember my lines or my song. And then, BAM!, we’re on, and I’m on auto-pilot, and before I know it, the show is over. Sweaty and elated, we’re proud of having performed a great show. And I’m high for the rest of the evening. These shows, once a month, give the time in-between some spice, an extra zing, that wouldn’t be there without them. I count myself fortunate to be a part of this wildly dynamic and creative group, which has been such an important part of my life.

As a founding member, I’ve had too many parts to list, but here are a few favorites:

The Bolt in Raven and Rita Power Hour (June 1997)
Tony in La Cage Aux Cooch (October 1997)
Tree in K-Tell-A-Thon, who kills Sonny Bono and Michael Kennedy (March 1998)
Fatfield Clan Patriarch in Trucker Mudflap (July 1998)
The Professor in Killigan’s Island (August 1998)
Captain Caveman in Hanna Barbaric Broadway Revue (November 1998)
Fruiticus in Ben Him (February 1999)
Vincent Price/Bob Barker in Vincent Price Is Right (July 1999)
Operation (the game) in Milton Bradley’s Par Cheezy Revue (February 2000)
Major Tom in Quest For Kuntzmann (May 2000)
Barnabas Collins in Darkeye Shadows (October 2000)
Nerd in Summer Asylum (June 2001)

With so many ladies and drag queens in the group, I mostly play male characters. I did full-on drag once, for "Disco Explosion", Sept ’01. We took my old Rene ’89 character and turned him into Renee. God, what a mess!

Once in a while, a character takes on a life of it’s own and has a recurring role in future shows. I have three to which I’m especially attached:

Jesus first appeared in "Hotter Than Hell" (August 1997). He walked through the door of Bob & Barbara’s carrying his cross, only to be crucified on it. He has since returned in "Y2KTell" (December 1999) to battle the Y2K Computer with light sabers and in "Petty Pigs" (January 2002) to sing to the masses a la "Godspell". I’m always Jesus.

Dino represents the heterosexual side of my personality. He’s a stud, a hustler, an object of desire. He hit the scene in 1999 in "Assholes Anonymous" and "Night of 1,000 Hookers". Dino can be found at any beach show, lusted after and pursued by girls, guys, cannibals and the Bitchy Beach Tag Lady.

I identify with Dr. Mendrakis the most. Like me, he’s caring, responsible and intelligent, yet can still rock with the best of them to The Scorpions’ "Rock You Like A Hurricane". Dr. Mendrakis is the Kuntzmann family doctor. He first appeared at "Belle Rosen’s Hanukah Bazaar" (December 1998) to talk Jules out of suicide, and he later gave expert testimony in "Kuntzmann vs. Kuntzmann" (September 1999). A particular favorite was our hospital show, "Scabaret" (January 2000). Anytime a doctor is needed, I get to put on the lab coat and stethoscope, and bring Dr. Mendrakis to life.


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