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Carl is esctatic to be working with DJ K-Tell and the Dumpsta Players on a monthly basis. He started with the Dumpstas back in February 2001, playing Blarney, the Fuschia Dinosaur in "Sesamean Streets". In 2001, he won two Dumpies for scariest dictator and hottest alterna-dyke. Favorite roles include Mama Nook, The Plumber and Taco. Carl would like to praise Dionysis for the power to perform drunk.

Carl's Complete Dumpsta-ography:

Blarney in Sesamean Streets
Male cheerleader in Chardonna Attacks!
Mama Nook in Prom Trash 5: The Showdown
Music teacher in Flame! - The Musical
Alllee Sheedee in Summer Asylum
Beach bum in Clam Baked
Robot dancer in Jackie And Chardonna's Disco Explosion
Scary dictator in Octoberfist II
Pa Ingalls in Satanic House On The Prairie
Mama Nook in Miss Tony's XMAS Throwdown
The Plumber in Petty Pigs
Taco/Lionel Drippee in Stinkin' '80's
Bubby Whoreowitz in Kuntzmann: Episode I
Boogie Man in Prom Trash 666
Kurt Cobain/Shannon Hoon in Dead 90's Revue
Valley Boy in Drama Beach Wipeout
Mama Nook in Prankstas' Paradise
Murdered boyfriend in Kreepy Kaleidoscope
Wild Boy in Lord of Miss Thingz
Betty White in Moulin Scrooge
Jack Tripper of "Three's Company" in Chardonna RE-ATTACKS!
Davey Doright in Wreck-Loose
Mother Superior in Missionary Positions
Don Pardo in Prom Trash Vegas
Bollywood dancer in Octoberfist III
B-52, sex robot and lead singer of The Scorpions in Scorpios Rising
Mama Nook in Miracle on 13 St.
Performer in International Follies (January and March 2004)
Mr. G, sexist boss in Revenge of the Koffee Klatch 7
Gary Goofster, class clown and drunk driver in Prom Trash: Just Say No!
Wild Boy in Gay-Tell Hot as Hell Revue
Alien tribal dancer in Kuntzmann Episode II: Terror Has Two Faces
Ban-Anna Hothole Smith, a Pink Panther, in Officer Manley's Cops
Creepy clown in Kreepy Kaleidoscope II
Captain Crunch in Krispy Smacks Broadway Revue
Bubby Whoreowitz in Death Under the Mistletoe
Rip Taylor in The Many Loves of Mrs. Miller
Courtney Love in Stinkin' 90s
Class president in PROMTRASH '86
Viking hero and backup dancer in OCTOBERFIST IV
Disco Tex in Sucky 70's
Kensington in Officer Manley II: Valentine's Violation
100 Proof

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