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Amanda made her debut with the Dumpsta Players in June 1998 as Sleeping Booty, concubine candidate to Prince Charming, in "Pretty Princess". She was so believable that audience members showed concern and thought she was doped up for real! She went on to create the role of the magnificently popular Sex Dwarf in "Night of 1,000 Hookers" and later in "Bitch Blanket Bingo" and "Summer Asylum".

Other favorite roles include 80's pop singing sensation Laura Branigan, the star witness in the divorce trial between Jackie and Hairry Kuntzmann, in "Kuntzmann Vs. Kuntzmann" and also as a whining sex-a-holic in "Petty Pigs". She also enjoyed the roles of Princess Stephanie lipsynching "Dancing Queen" with her mother, Princess Disgrace in "Jackie & Chardonna's Disco Explosion" and Sophia, the little Italian immigrant girl caught up in a political coup in "Octoberfist II".

As Aussie women's correctional facility good girl Lynn Warner in "Prisoner Cellblock K", Amanda debuted and began to perfect her Dumpsta specialty of Screamologist. That's right. On a good K-Tell night, one can hear Amanda's blood curdling screams as far away as the Atlantic City Boardwalk. As Laura Ingalls Wilder in "Satanic House on The Prairie", her scream stopped the evil of Satan and Tituba and broke the spell held over Walnut Grove.

In her spare time, Amanda infiltrates self-help groups and poses as a born again Christian. She also enjoys pancakes with sugar heaped on top.

Amanda's Complete Dumpstography

Sleeping Booty in Pretty Princess
Zach Hanson in Hellbent
Maid Servant to Cleopatra in Ben Him
Jules' Huffer Friend in Jackie Kuntzmann's Jew Wave
Fresca in Prom Trash '99
Clara Peller (Where's The Beef? lady) in McDumbass Broadway Revue
One of Barker's Beauties in Vincent Price is Right
Sex Dwarf in Night of 1,000 Hookers
Laura Branigan in Kuntzmann vs. Kuntzmann
Sophia, the little Italian immigrant girl, in Octoberfist
Lynn Warner in Prisoner Cellblock K
Little Matchstick Girl in Y2K-Tell
Dying patient in Scabaret
Jealous maid of honor in Beware The Brides of March
Mikko in Quest for Kuntzmann
Sex Dwarf in Bitch Blanket Bingo
Corn Child in Children of a Lesser Cornhole
Manson girl in K-Tell Kult Klassic
Sebastian the Cat (Josie & the Pussycats) in Chardonna Attacks!
Sex Dwarf in Summer Asylum
Beach girl in Clam Baked
Princess Stephanie in Jackie & Chardonna's Disco Explosion
Sophia, litte Italian immigrant girl, in Octoberfist II
Laura Ingalls Wilder in Satanic House on the Prairie
Member of House of Drama in Miss Tony's XMAS Throwdown
Laura Branigan in Petty Pigs
Kylie Minogue in Stinkin' 80s
Sophia, little Italian immigrant girl in Kuntzmann: Episode I
Princess Stephanie in Prom Trash 666
Sophia, little Italian immigrant girl in Kreepy Kaleidoscope
Servant to the queen in Lord of Miss Thingz
Hooker in Chardonna RE-ATTACKS!
The Cop/Posh Spice of The Spillage Girls in Wreck-Loose and in Gay-Tell Hot as Hell Revue
Good Shirley Temple in Missionary Positions
Hippie/hooker/farm girl in America Idle X
Sophia, little Italian immigrant girl in Octoberfist III
Bitchy Beach Tag Lady in 16 Minutes of Terror
Chardonna's backup dancer in Kuntzmann Episode II: Terror Has Two Faces
Hooker in Officer Manley's Cops
Dying patient and Sex Dwarf in Kreepy Kaleidoscope II
Cheerios Honey Bee in Krispy Smacks Broadway Revue
Demanda in The Many Loves of Mrs. Miller
Taylor Hanson, Enigma goddess and Erotica dancer in Stinkin' 90s
Earthquake victim in Pari$$$ is Burning
Rocker hooker ass zombie and backup dancer in Dumpsta Horror Picture Show
Sophia, little Italian immigrant girl in OCTOBERFIST IV
Woodland in Officer Manley II: Valentine's Violation
100 Proof

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